Personal Suitability – Journalism

When I came to this class, I felt like I had a strong grasp on some aspects of journalism and communication. 

I have a large background in theatre and it felt natural for me to divert to a different job that still had theatrical elements. I was always talking and communicating: in Ukrainian and French as well. I made the right choice coming to this program and what I learned in Journalism Fundamentals has solidified that feeling.  

This class has equipped me for journalism and communications workforce in so many ways.  

From the start, I learned about the history of journalism and was so intrigued. Discovering the timeline of journalism was fascinating. I enjoyed learning about how other cultures integrated journalism into their societies and comparing them to Western media.  

Journalism Fundamentals has helped me with my writing, alongside Intro to News Writing. I’ve learned to condense my text and use colloquial language (most of the time). 

Creating a blog has allowed me to become familiar with online journalism, formatting graphics, playing around with technology.  

I learned from this course that I enjoy broadcasting and being an anchor because although I really enjoy writing, my passion is presenting my pieces to an audience. I like being in front of the camera more than being behind a screen. This course taught me to appreciate and try both aspects and has made me enjoy writing for my blog and other outlets more.  

With everything I learned from specific presenters such as Dan Rowe, Dean Daley, Marc Edge and Anne Marie McKinnon, I know that I am in the right place. I can now be a communications writer, work in public relations, be a photographer, have a professional blog and so much more. I can work in print or produce podcasts. 

From being in this class, I learned how to creatively and effectively write. I learned about copyright and making sure I receive my information from credible and reliable sources – more importantly I learned where to receive accurate information, like at the Creative Commons 

I wouldn’t have been aware of these important competencies had I not taken this course and program.  

I am confident that I am suitable for a career in journalism and this course helped me to practice and develop my skills.  

Thank you Teresa.  


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